HOW to CANCEL a Scheduled IRS Payment

With everyone being more careful about their spending, here is a simple guide for how to CANCEL a scheduled IRS payment. Feel free to share! And please be safe!

How to CANCEL an already-scheduled IRS payment:

(1) Direct pay: Cancel a scheduled payment by using the confirmation number, use the "Lookup Payment" feature. Cancel at least 2 days before the payment withdrawal date. (

2) EFTPS: "Click on payments" Login and click "cancel a tax payment" and follow the instructions. Must cancel at least 2 days before the withdrawal date.

(3) Direct Debit: You must contact the U.S. Treasury Financial agent directly at: 888-353-4537. You must call at least 2 days prior to the payment date.

(4) Credit card payment: a credit card payment must be canceled through the card payment processor.


how to cancel an IRS payment

posted Mar 30, 3:53 pm (1095 days ago)