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My name is Dan. I have been a full time remote tax preparer for about 1.5 years in a small NYC high-volume firm. In 2022, I have prepped rough 600 returns, spread through 1040s, 1065s and 1120s(s), plus 1 or 2 1120s. 

The brief of this story is: On September 24th, I flew 3,000 miles to one of the International centers city, sat for part 1 on 10/4, part 2 on 10/10 and part 3 on 10/20. Somehow managed to pass all three and score 3s in each topic for all tests (evidence attached LOL). 

In late 2018, I accidentally applied for a virtual assistant role a my current firm, not knowing anything about taxes. What followed was intense interest > taking  masters degree level certificate course in Federal Taxation > Participating in the 2021 AFSP program> and here we are as an EA. 

I have used Passkey's vids and test banks for the last 4 months and the service is absolutely the real deal. I had other workbooks (like 2000 pages) in addition to working under 2 wonderful CPA. My personal and professional opinion about the program is that it belong to the top shelf. After going through nearly the full test bank (yes, I did like 1500 questions for each part), I can reasonably so that passkey is the key to passing. Do I need to add? nope

To the entire Passkey team, receive my gratitude and keep up the good work. 

Asante/Gracias/Danke/Obigado/Shukran/Namaste/Merci/ Thank you.

Dan C Testimonial

posted Oct 21, 11:45 am (160 days ago)