Enrolled Agent Renewals Online

Enrolled agent renewals are coming up soon! Some users are telling us that they have not received any reminders for their renewal of enrollment! If your SSN ends in 7, 8, or 9, your enrollment cycle is coming up before the end of 2020! Your application for renewal of enrollment must be submitted between November 1 and January 31 prior to April 1 of the year that your next enrollment cycle begins. The fastest way to get your enrollment card is to go to www.pay.gov and submit Form 8554 online!


Directions for renewal: At www.pay.gov click “Find an Agency”

Find an Agency

Search for "Internal Revenue Service"

The Enrolled Agent Renewal Form 8554 will come right up on the page. 

Form 8554 online



Press the "Continue" button and fill out the Form 8554 online

Online Form 8554 Renewal link



Don't forget! 

posted Oct 28, 1:10 pm (883 days ago)